Friday, March 1, 2013

Week 21

Where: Gasworks Park, Fremont, Seattle, WA

Week Recap ~

  • Total weight gain/loss : +13lbs
  • Sleep : Meh. I haven't slept that well this week. I get a few good hours in and then about the second time I wake up to use the bathroom I end up wide awake. I spend the next 2-3 hours tossing and turning. Poor Steve, a lot of the time this wakes him up too. At least then I have a buddy to talk to if we want.
  • Best moments : Spending time with my parents. With each of us living on different ends of the country we do not always get to see each other very much. It was good to have them around. Mom and I also registered at Babies R Us while she was here. I was glad we got to do something baby oriented together too.
  • Movement : She is starting to move around some more. I don't feel her a ton, but every now and then she makes herself known. Last night, after we had dinner, she was really kicking(punching?) in one spot. I let Steve know and he was able to feel her for the first time. It was really exciting. She would stop until I would start talking, then she would start it back up.
  • Symptoms : Bad sleep, using the bathroom a lot more and I also have some small back aches. It is usually just at the end of long days and I feel it when I go to lay down.
  • Maternity clothes? : Yup. My two pairs of jeans seem to be stretching out after just a few wears. I am starting to think they aren't the best fit. I am torn between if I should try on a different brand and get some new ones or just tough it out for the next 19 weeks.
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : I haven't really listed any aversions yet, but I do have some. They are a few things that pre-pregnancy we ate a lot of. Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) sound terrible to me. They are one of the most tasty things ever (cheap too!) and the thought of eating a baguette really turns me off. One other is something we used to eat once a week, shwarma plates from Mr Gyros. The last time we had this I felt really uncomfortable afterwards, so this is more remembering that feeling than the sound of it that turns me off.
  • What I am eating : Oh man we ate a lot this week. With my parents in town we went out to a lot of good and nice meals. Crab club sandwich, fancy dinner with tons of small plates, Serious Biscuit, King's burgers, another nice dinner of crab cakes & clam chowder, sausages and chicken livers, just to name a few of the things we ate while they were here! Since we are moving we have also been eating out a lot. Not being the healthiest this week, but I am still having a lot of fruit.
  • Exercise : Some small walks and a good one on Tuesday with the birthday boy! Chewie turned 6 this week!
  • Gender : Baby Girl! (also my favorite thing to call her right now)
  • Labor signs : none
  • What I miss : A good nights sleep. Hope I can get one in this weekend when I know I wont have an alarm set.
  • What I am looking forward to : Moving! We got the keys to our new rental house last night. We are going to take some things over this weekend and move our storage unit. The big move wont happen until next Saturday though. We are also going to go look at paint for the nursery!
More happenings:
My Parents were in town!

I mentioned we ate a lot :)
 Lunch at King's Hardware, one of our favorite spots.
 Birthday dinner part 1 at Staple & Fancy Mercantile.
Birthday dinner part 2 at Ray's Cafe. Thanks for the new shirt Ellen!
We took advantage of having my dad in town and had him take a few shots of us together. We don't have any of both of us from the last 21 weeks! Here are just a few:

Thanks Dad!
This post is getting long :) But I cant go without posting pictures of the birthday boy. Chewie turned 6 on Tuesday!
 After a nice walk around Ballard we went to the corner bar to celebrate with a beer and water :)

He loves going to the bar. He just chills in the booth the whole time. Happy 6th birthday buddy!
Ok one last thing :) I stoped during lunch one day in Marshall's and picked up these goodies. The purple & pink one will be going in the nursery. I am not sure where the black & white will go yet. We will have to see how we set up the new house. Thought they would be good for baby girls toy's. :)


Kim said...

Love that pic of you and your mom!! ... And yes, you will need baskets all over the house to throw baby items in! ... We keep some diapers and stuff downstairs for when we are too lazy to get up and go to her room.

Lauren: ) said...

Love this post...and you...and Baby Girl! I wore my belly band over my maternity pants, and it seemed to help some! Can't wait for you guys to get settled at the new place!!