Saturday, April 16, 2011

Liam's Baptism

Last month Steve and I went to Liam's baptism in Emma, MO. Emma is just outside Concordia, MO where Rebekah grew up. Liam was baptised in the same church Tom and Rebekah got married in. He was such a good boy the whole time. Small world, the pastor was the father of a girl Steve and I went to school with. Liam and I....he is just the cutest! I am going to miss spending time with this little guy.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Yup thats glasses again! I had lasik back in May 2006, I loved it..still do. I was SUPER near sided, couldn't see anything without my glasses(contacts never worked well for me, too many allergies bothered my eyes). Apparently when you are so near sided there is a greater chance with lasik that your vision can deteriate again and mine did. Oh well, I had a great 4 1/2 years without glasses and I plan on getting enhancement surgery done sometime after I move to Seattle. Until then I will be rocking the glasses again. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Steve!

The same weekend we went to St Louis and hung out with Allison, Holly and Co. Steve's mom threw him a birthday party...a 30th birthday party. :) It was as few weeks early, but it was a great opportunity to all get together.

And hang out with good friends.

And family.

Steve even had a cake with candles to blow out. Whens the last time you had a candles on your bday cake? haha

And we all found out that Steve is apparently famous, because he appeared on the cover of the March issue of Men's Health!
It was a busy, but great weekend for us. A perfect chance to get to see so many people we love and care about before we move and are not able to make the journey to see everyone so often.