Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nursery Board

1. Color inspiration for baby girls room. I love how it has the few pops of colors. I found this on pinterest via a friends blog, but it originated from Design Seeds. A great site for color pallet ideas. Since we are renting we will most likely keep the room a neutral color. I am thinking something along the lines of the taupe color shown at the bottom.
2. Glider! I like this one from Room & Board and it comes in a nice pop of magenta. Stephen is very into the glider so I need to take him to the store to sit in it and weigh in. If you haven't heard of Room & Board you should check it out. It is a great modern furniture store.
3. I kind of like the idea of a floor poof instead of an ottoman. I am not 100% sure on this idea still, these ones came from a diy site using Ikea rugs. Of course we would want different colors. Possibly a grey or navy chevron would be nice.
4. I like the feminine touches on this dresser. This is one I found on pinterest. We plan on looking around at resale stores to try and find something with nice touches like the scallops that we can paint and change out hardware on. I might want to paint it a fun color or one of the purple/navy tones.
5. Crib! This is the exact crib we are going to get from WalMart. I fell in love with a crib that looks very similar to this one from Land of Nod. Biggest difference is that the Land of Nod crib is $900! This WalMart dupe is $200. Great savings and I still like the look.
6. I love this etsy poster and you can have the colors changed. I am not sure what colors I want it to be yet, but I am pretty sure we will order this print.
7. Another etsy item. I love the idea of a ven diagram with the three of our names in it. Again not sure on the colors we would have. We might try out a home made version of this print or just order it.
8. One more etsy print I like.
9. Curtain inspiration. These ones are from Land of Nod I fell in love with about 10 nursery ideas ago, when I was obsessed with yellow and grey. hehe. I like the idea of doing a solid curtain with a print thrown in. I currently cannot remember what the window situation is in the baby's room, so these might get scrapped for something else. We get the keys later this week though so I will be able to remember more about the room very soon! :)
10. I like how this fabric uses the magenta color with a bit of the green thrown in. Found it on fabric.com and it is a little pricey, but a good start for an idea. I plan on going to the fabric store to get some swatches and more ideas in the coming weeks. I like the idea of maybe pairing it with a solid navy for the curtains. What I am not sure is would something like this also look good as a crib skirt or would it be to busy? I have a wonderful seemstress lined up to help me out with the crib skirt :)

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Leslie Keuss said...

I LOVE it! You could do the busy pattern at the top and bottom of the curtains. Say a half a foot to a foot on top and bottom. Then do solid in the middle. That way it's not too busy since you sound a little worried about that. But honestly I'd that the only big bold pattern u really have in the nursery it will not be too busy! Just don't put other big bold patterns right next to it. But mixing patterns is pretty in right now too! :). Oh and I as gonna say u don't have to have a gliding ottoman. We do but I think I would have been ok wo one. A poof would be super cute. But if u have hardwood(?) it would slide all over when u try to use it. Just a thought. Wow! Do people normally comment this much on blogs? Shut it les!