Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yesterday was our first anniversary. We had celebrated all weekend by a trip to Chicago. We flew back to KC later in the day yesterday, but last night we took a few more minuets to celebrate by having our wedding cake.

There was a ton left! Some of both flavors we had at the wedding.

We cut a few pieces of each kind and poured ourselves some very nice champagne that we had gotten as a gift. The cake wasn't too bad. The icing didn't taste right though. It was sort of like eating a cold stick of butter! We had a few bites and that was all.

Cheers! To the start of another great year!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome Liam!

Steve's bff Tom and his wife Rebekah had their first child a few weeks ago. It was a boy, a big boy at 9lbs 2oz! Liam Ray Martin, born on 9-02-10 :)
Steve and I visited them in the hospital. He was just precious.
Tom and Rebekah are going to be great parents. Steve and I can't wait to watch Liam grow up. I can just picture many years from now Steve and Tom playing video games or Star Wars with him.
Congratulations Tom and Rebekah!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Time

Our newest Skyping buddy! :)
Isn't she such a cutie? Kim and Brian got a camera for their laptop this past weekend and Sunday night Steve and I had a Skype date with them and Leah. Leah was just amazed at the technology. haha. She would just stare and stare and us on the computer screen. A little much for her brain to understand just yet that her Aunt and Uncle are in a different city talking to her. After just looking at us like we were on tv for a while she showed off a lot of her new skills.
It was awesome getting to watch her push her piano around the room, try to wave at us and pull cords and keys off the computer. Steve and I are both so happy to get to spend some "quality" time with our niece. Thanks Kim and Brian for getting the camera, we look forward to many more Sunday nights visiting!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jackson County Tri

Three weeks ago I had my second triathlon. It was at the same place as the tri class I had taken, so I knew the course pretty well. Even though I knew the course already it was still harder than the first one I thought. Steve thinks I biked and swam faster then the first one. The run was pitiful though.

Me setting up my transition station at 5:30am. Steve was nice enough to come with me again, even though his duties pretty much end after we park and walk to the transition station. He's my crew chief. :)
Katie and I waiting for our turn to swim. We had to wait around forever!

My swim start. I am in the back on the right. It was my first group start. It was chaos! But it must have helped cause I swam this one almost 3 minuets faster than the WIN tri.
I wasn't a fan of any of the bike or run pictures so I will just leave you with the swim ones. :) The bike took me an hour, it was 13 miles and the run like I said was a pitiful showing of a 5k, but hey I finished! Overall I liked my first triathlon better than this one. This tri just didn't seem organized well at all and it was kind of annoying. I might skip this one in the future.