Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 23

Where: Oh god I hate this picture! We were busy moving Saturday, unpacking Sunday and didn't take a picture. This one was taken last night, so 23 weeks and 6 days. I needed a shower. This is at our new house.

Week Recap ~

  • Total weight gain/loss : +14 lbs (taken at the doctor on Wednesday, I forgot to get on the scale this morning)
  • Sleep : Off and on. I would have a good night, then a bad night. I woke Stephen up a few nights with my water drinking. I wake up really thirsty a lot of nights, which then leads to more waking up for bathroom breaks.
  • Best moments : As every week I get to go to the doctor, hearing that she is doing well and getting to listen to her heartbeat. Also, (not baby related) coming home from work and not having to take the dogs out on a leash and down an elevator while they freak out. Just walk to the back of the house and open the door, they run out and can go themselves!
  • Movement : Starting to feel more and more. Still not a ton of movement, but I feel her everyday now.
  • Symptoms : Is "crabby bia" a symptom? haha It has been looking up towards the end of this week, but I haven't been in the best mood.
  • Maternity clothes? : Got a new maxi dress in the mail this week. I haven't tried it on yet though. I also want to get a couple more Gap t-shirts then I think I will be set for the rest of the months. I love the few Gap shirts I have and I am wearing them all the time, so I think a few more are a must.
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : Back to wanting Mexican a lot, ate it like 3 times this week
  • What I am eating : Mexican, chicken, girl scout cookies, pasta salad, pizza, gyro, burgers. Need to start cooking again! I did get the kitchen in order this week, so hopefully next week sees more at home meals.
  • Exercise : We took a walk around our neighborhood last night, but other than that nothing. I've still been exhausted from the move & stress this week.
  • Gender : Little Girl!
  • Labor signs : None
  • What I miss : Being rational. haha Like I said this week's symptom was crabby bia. Hoping to feel better next week. Also, (not baby related) having a microwave. Our new place didn't come with one. I need to get one asap, cause reheating in the oven is ridiculous.
  • What I am looking forward to : Stephen's birthday! I love birthdays and I love to be able to make sure his day(weekend) is special. His weekend wants include building a mock fence and going to Home Depot. I do not think this sounds special so I will be adding in a few things I think he will like for him. Saturday we are going to the Sounders vs Timbers match. Big rivalry, it will be a fun day.

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