Monday, October 8, 2012

Bike Trips

We love to bike. If you talk to my husband you will know that. He bikes to work, he likes to bike to the grocery store, bars - even ones that are only a few blocks away. He loves biking more than I do. We both do like bike adventures. Over the summer we had quite a few. I don't have pictures for all of them unfortunately.

At the start of the summer Stephen made a purchase he was SO excited about. Baskets to attach to our bikes that will hold the dogs! Hahaha. They are HILARIOUS. We first took them for a test drive in the Goodyear parking lot next to our building.

Yuri was not very into it, but was a good sport. In the below picture I think he's looking at Stephen like "really dad? you thought I would like this?" Haha

Chewie LOVED it. He was living it up in that basket. The wind in his hair, the possibility of being taken everywhere with us. He was very happy about Stephen's purchase.

We took them another day on a longer bike ride, about 5 miles total. We biked to Norm's Eatery and Alehouse in Fremont, a dog bar. On the bike there we made it one block before one of the dog's tried to get out of the basket, surprisingly it was Chewie too! I should also note for you all that the dogs aren't just sitting willingly in these baskets. They are securely fastened in. All they can get out is about 1/3 of their little bodies. We got Chewie situated again and we on our way. We got a lot of looks, honks and laughs. I was laughing right along with everyone. We were quite the site I am sure. Yuri spent most of the trip crying and looking around. Him and I had to bike in the back so he could see Steve, Chewie and me whenever he wanted to. When I was in the front with him he cried the most and would stretch his neck out trying to see around me to his dad and brother. They might not have been as pumped about the bike baskets as we were, but they sure loved getting to go to the bar with us!
Another Saturday we biked downtown and took the water taxi over to West Seattle. We left the dogs at home for this trip.

Here I am waiting with my bike to get on the water taxi on the Seattle side of the water.


Stephen posing for me in front of our great city. :) West Seattle has a nice board walk area that leads to a beach. On a nice day in West Seattle you might think you are in Southern California, not Washington.

When we were biking along the boardwalk we saw a crowd of people looking out at something on the water. It was a bald eagle chilling on the beach! We were really close to it. It was a pretty amazing site to see.

Us taking a stroll on the beach after having a seafood lunch at a local spot.

There was a lot of happenings that day at the beach, there was some sort of SeaFair Pirate event happening and a pole volt championship occurring.

Not pictured is that we got new bikes! I was in the market for a road bike and when I was shopping around Steve decided he wanted one too. He found a great bike before I did and made a purchase that has changed his life. He bikes more than ever. We have taken these new bikes on many test runs and then one bike bike trip, totaling 45 miles round trip!
We biked from our condo building to Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville, WA. The trip was primarily along a combination of fitness paths that will take you around Lake Washington.
We met a few different friends along the way, near where they lived or parked. In total 6 of us road out to the brewery(one of those 6 is 2, so she really just chilled in the back while her dad pulled her). We arrived around 11:30am, just in time to beat the rush. Had lunch, a few beers, checked out what they call a tour and then biked home. Biking home was a lot slower after beer and food, but it still was a great time. It was the first long ride I had on my bike and I was happy to say that I was very glad with my purchase.
Steve and I are both hoping to do at least one big bike race next year. There are quite a few to choose from, MS 150, STP (Seattle to Portland, RSVP (Seattle to Vancouver). 

Trying to be Back!

I know I said I was going to be better about posting and then I didn't post anything. I tried to be back in July and was planning on keeping you up to date with all our summer activities. Then summer happened and summer here is just too busy to blog. :) But fall is rolling in and fall is generally short, so winter is just around the corner. Meaning more movie nights, less hiking and adventuring. Hopefully I can get some posts up letting you know about all our great summer happenings....backpack camping, meeting new family members, desert wedding/camping, my sister visiting, some awesome hikes. Stay tuned...