Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rehearsal part II

I forgot to mention the rehearsal! Even though our rehearsal will be in the afternoon on Friday we are still planning on doing the traditional rehearsal dinner that night. Steve's mom booked, this past weekend, the upstairs room at Rigazzi's for our rehearsal dinner. Their menu sounds yummmm! I can't wait.

Planning Planning Planning Update :)

So much is getting done it’s exciting. Friday and Saturday were full of wedding stuff. Planning seems to be in full motion now. The flowers are picked out; I have pics I will post soon. I will be getting the vases from a friend this weekend. I think the Friday before the wedding we are going to go to Walter Knoll and make our own centerpieces. The lady there was confident we could do them since they are pretty simple and only contain 1 flower. This cuts down on the cost tremendously. They treat you like a florist, so you get all of the flowers at wholesale prices. They will still deliver everything to the reception site though and set them up. After the florist we went to the Piper Palm house to check it out again and figure out some logistics. Being there just reminded Steve and me how much we love it and can’t wait to get married there.
Saturday was spent trying on dresses and tasting food. I found a dress! I love it and if I could I would post a picture up for all of you to see, but Steve says he can’t know about it at all so I wont do that. :) Ellen and Sarah were along and they ordered their bridesmaid dresses. Kim and Jessica will be doing the same soon and then I can check ordering all of the dresses off my list. From there we went to a tasting of one of the caterers we may use. It was really good. It also was nice to be able to talk to someone in person and get an idea of what they can do and they could get a better idea of what we want.
Sunday we did another sort of tasting. One caterer, Butler’s Pantry, does not do a tasting, but they give you two tickets to go to a brunch they serve. It just happens to be at the Piper Palm house. :) The brunch was good, but I was disappointed because I didn’t feel like it was a good way to choose if I would want them to cater our wedding. I mean I’m not going to be having omelets and French toast at the wedding. Hehe
I am all about getting more things done. I have been looking up stuff left and right. I am waiting on a few referrals before contacting a baker, invites and dj. Steve is the main one on DJ duty though. Lots of posts coming up I hope.

Monday, December 22, 2008


One of our stops on Friday is to Walter Knoll florist. They come well recommended from both Kara Chung and Kim Gilmore. Here are two bouquets that I like a lot. I found the white one first for me and later came across the bridesmaid one that was very similar. I don't know what kind of flowers I want in mine, but I really like how they are surrounded by the big green leaves. I had another bouquet I liked a lot, but I can't seem to find the picture of it anywhere right now.

I found the third one I like! See below. I really like the folded palms in it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Planning Planning Planning

It’s getting so close to Christmas! I am very excited to get to see and spend some time with all of our families. I am also very excited because we are going to get some big things checked off the wedding to-do list. On the agenda while in St Louis is: going to the florist, visiting the Piper Palm house, Bridal dress shopping, visiting with 2 caterers and a dinner with Steve’s parents and my parents. It is going to be a few very busy days, but it will be nice to have some of these things completed. After this the next things seem to be finding an officient, a dj, a bus to drive us and a cake place.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We put up our tree tonight. It is now feeling like the holidays around our home. Chewie also got a new sweater today. He insisted I post a picture of him in it looking adorable. He is very funny in the sweater. He actually likes wearing it. :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

SK Ring

When we were at the Plaza Art Fair this past September Steve and I had come across this jeweler from New Jersey. Steve really liked one ring they had. Being that the wedding was a year away he wasn't ready to make a commitment to just one ring yet. :) So he decided to wait on buying it. We took their card and all of the information on the ring he liked. The style he wants is like the one below.
Last night after going to the T-Mobile store(we are getting new cell phones!) we stopped by a local jewelry store I have always wanted to go in, Moshiri. They had a wonderful selection of men's rings and they were very affordable. To make it better they had styles like the one Steve liked. But they didn't have exactly what he wanted. The owner was there and he said to come in and they will work with him to create what he wants, send it to their maker and let us know they price and then we can decide on it. It was very exciting. We didn't buy anything and are still planning on looking a few other places, but I have a feeling he will be getting his ring there.