Saturday, March 26, 2011

Old Friends

Steve and I ventured to St Louis a few weekends ago since our days being so close to friends and family are numbered. It worked out well because my oldest friend was also in town with her husband and daughter. It was my first chance to get to meet little Ariana. She is so cute. You will see for yourself below.
The weather was really nice for the first time in a while this weekend. Allison and her family decided to go to the zoo. Steve and I tagged along. Neither of us have been to the zoo in years. If you have never been to the St Louis Zoo it is a must see. And a huge plus is it is FREE! The zoo has been updated in almost every section since we had last gone as kids. It was always nice back then and now it is even nicer.

Me outside the penguin house. You get so close to the penguins here it was awesome!

Allison and I in our usual pose...holding hands, standing close, me with a cheesy smile. Haha

Allison and her beautiful little girl, Ari. Shes going to give them trouble when shes older cause she is just so cute!

Ariana and her grandma at the zoo. It was nice to get to hang out with Allison's family while in town too. They always were like a second family to me growing up.

Not only did I get to hang out with Allison, I also got to spend some time with another good friend, Holly. Allison and I met Holly in high school and the three of us became bffs. We went out for wine and food, along with Francisco Allison's husband, in Belleville on night. I hadn't laughed so hard in a while. It was great reminiscing and catching up with them.

I am so glad Steve and I went back for the weekend and I was able to spend some time with old friends.

Moving on Up....Northwest

Life has been crazy lately. I am way behind on updating. The biggest thing going on right now is Steve and I are moving to Seattle, WA! Steve took a job with a new company and it will require us to head to the northwest. We are excited, nervous, overwhelmed and mostly stressed, but we know in the long run all the emotions will be worth us taking on this great adventure. Steve really puts everything into words better than I do so you should click here and find out more about our move. :) In case you are unsure about how far we are moving (1,800+ miles) or where Seattle is here is a picture of our journey.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life Goals

Steve and I have almost completed one of our lifetime drink 200 different beers at the Flying Saucer. We are at 194. Today I received a message from a saucer friend that Steve and I were on the website. Here we are on the list of who is up next to be immortalized in the Ring of Honor. Stay tuned for a post about when we finish!

Monday, March 7, 2011

28th BDay

A few weeks ago (February 25) I turned 28! I love my birthday, just absolutely love it. A couple girls from work also had birthdays the same month so we all decided to go out together that Friday. They turned 23 and 24, and their party abilities are way above ours are any more. We realized this the next day of course. haha.

So we went to a local Olathe bar, then afterwards hit Funkytown. There really are not words to describe this place, other than AWESOME. haha. It is a crazy place. I would love to hit it up with my girl friends. I know it would just be a blast with all of them.
Saturday, after spending a lot of the day recovering from Funkytown, Steve took me out to a few places in Kansas City I had been wanting to try out.

First up was lunch at Dog Nuvo, a gourmet hot dog place. While the hot dogs were good, they still did not compare to the hot dogs grandma used to make me...with bacon, cheese, mustard and the hot dog fried in the bacon grease of course!

We also went to Christopher Elbow for some fancy chocolates.

Aren't they pretty and fancy!?
Afterwards we hit up the Flying Saucer of course. It was a nice day. Steve always knows how to treat me to a good day. :)