Saturday, July 9, 2011

Road Trip Day 4

We spent day 4 checking out downtown Missoula. It is a really cute town. We went into a few shops, checked out a local brewery and had a delicious lunch.
After Missoula we headed to our stop for the night, just outside Spokane, WA. It was an easy drive. Our drive took use through Idaho.
We stopped really quick in Coeur D'Alene, ID to look out at the lake. It is a beautiful town near the boarder.
Then on to Washington, our final state of the trip!

Road Trip Day 3

The plan for day 3 was to go to Yellowstone Park and spend the whole day, plus day 4 there. Much like day 2, day 3 did not go as planned. Day 3 started out with a rough drive up and over a mountain.....a snow covered mountain, while it was snowing still! It was beautiful, but nerve racking. I drove it and I felt like I was driving for like 5 hours it really was only like 1 1/2 hours.

But we made it through safe and sound through the mountain and on to Cody, WY. Cody is the last town before Yellowstone, once you go through Cody it is an hour drive to Yellowstone, not a lot along the way but scenery. We made it to Yellowstone! Only to find that the entrance was closed due to a snow avalanche! Then next entrance(3 hrs away) was closed due to a rock avalanche and the next one was 7 hours away! Ugg
So we stopped and had a beer and figured out a plan, let the dogs run around and then we headed back to Cody very disappointed.
We were pretty bummed about our bad luck. Then the day was saved(somewhat)! We had been seeing signs all trip for awesome wild animals and we never had any luck spotting any of them. Because we had to turn around and drive back to Cody we ran into wild bison! These things were CRAZY close to us. I could have put my hand out the passenger window and touched them.. that's how close they were. It was AWESOME.
Then a few miles down we saw big horned sheep. They were cool too. Scary looking though. I swore they were staring us down the whole time we snapped pictures of them.
After turning around at Yellowstone we headed to our new stop for the night Missoula, MT.