Thursday, May 13, 2010


Almost over 2 1/2 summers ago Steve and Tom jackhammered our concrete patio. It was really tough and they spent all day one weekend just breaking up the concrete.

Then we still had all of the pieces of concrete laying around and had to get rid of them. This is a long story that involves multiple dumpster trucks, a flat bead truck and lots of stress for Steve. But not too long after all of the broken concrete was gone! It was great, we were on our way to a new patio....or not. We went back and forth between what to do with it, new concrete or brick. We would make a choice, try to find someone to pay to help and it would fall through. So we left it alone for that summer. Next summer we didn't even touch it. It stayed mini rubble for a long time. This spring though we decided this was it, it was getting done! A few weekends ago we went and bought everything to build our patio. Home Depot dropped off the supplies the next week and that weekend we got started on it or I should say built it. We(mostly Steve) did it in an entire weekend. And I must say I think he did a wonderful job.