Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road Trip Day 2

Day 2 started in Wall, SD. We checked out Wall Drug, since our whole first day's drive we kept seeing signs for this place. It was raining so we knew our plans to site see might be thrown off. We did not expect to pretty much see nothing all day and drive in circles over and over again. Lucky for us there were a few stops we could make to save the day, they happened to all be revolved around drinking though.

On our way to the Jewled Caverns we stopped at Crazy Horse. Two trip tips for you: 1. Crazy Horse is a rip off. They charge you $10 a person to get in and then $4 a person to go down to see it. We paid the $20 to get in, which we regretted. You can get a good enough view of it from the visitors center, but for sure not worth the money. As you can see it was really foggy...
This is a scale model of what it is supposed to look like one day.
Tip 2 is make reservations to the Jewled Caverns online ahead of time. The long tour was all booked up for the day and the only one we could get into was 2 hours away from when we were there. We opted out of the tour since it was so far off. So after 2 failed attempts at seeing some cool stuff we returned to a little town we had driven through and had some drinks.
First at the Bumpin Buffalo..
Then at the Mangy Moose..
Then we were off to Mount Rushmore! Well so we planned on.We got to the entry and were told there was zero viability of the monument due to the weather.
So we made our way out of the Black Hills, but made a stop at a winery on our way out. They had some pretty good wines, all made from grapes grown in South Dakota.
After the winery we drove to Rapid City, SD where we stopped at the Firehouse Brewing Co for one more beer and dinner. We had buffalo brisket that was SUPER good.
Then on to Wyoming, where we hoped to have a better site seeing day tomorrow.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Road Trip Day 1

Sarah, Chewie, Yuri and I began our road trip Saturday, May 28. We covered a lot of ground the first day. The roads and traffic were easy and made the day fly. We started from Tom and Rebekah's house in Missouri.
Then into Iowa...
Then our last state of the day South Dakota, which I think turned out to be one of my favorite states of the trip.

Our first stop in South Dakota was just over the boarder from Iowa, Sioux Falls, SD. It seemed like a nice little town. We had a picnic lunch near the falls and then walked the pups around near the falls.

Back onto the road from Sioux Falls we saw signs for "The Corn Palace" It seemed to be close to the highway so we decided why not go see what this is all about. It sounded awesome enough. Advice from Sarah and I...skip the corn palace. haha It was more an auditorium than a palace and it is not as cool as it sounds. But the weather was nice so we were not too upset to be out of the car.
Next stop the scenic drive through the Badlands National Park.
The Badlands are AWESOME! A must see in South Dakota for sure.

We stayed the night in the town of Wall, SD that night. Looking back day 1 might have been the best day of the trip. We had some bad luck on days 2 & 3...more to come on that. :)