Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 24

Where: Ship Canal/Lake Union, Fremont, Seattle, WA (Happy St Patrick's Day!)

Week Recap ~

  • Total weight gain/loss : I have no idea again! I forgot to get on the scale yesterday morning and today I am in Portland, OR and our hotel room didn't come with a scale. :)
  • Sleep : The begining of the week was terrible, but the end of the week has been much better. I often think I just wear my body out so much with bad sleep taht eventually it just gives up and lets me sleep really hard for about 2 days before going back to waking up all the time.
  • Best moments : Had a fun and semi relaxing weekend, celebrating Stephen's birthday. Pictures way below. Also, video chatted with some of my girlfriends this week. It is always nice to see their faces. Some of the kiddos joined as well. They are all getting so big!
  • Movement : Pretty much the same as last week, movement but not a ton. She makes herself known a few times a day but isn't partying it up in there yet.
  • Symptoms : Tired from lack of good sleep. Also, had more indigestion this week than I have had in a while.
  • Maternity clothes? : Yes! I bought a few more things last weekend too. Just a couple more of the Gap body shirts. They are my favorite and Gap had everything 30% off. I couldn't pass that up :)
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : Nothing new here
  • What I am eating : We cooked at home one night! haha yes just one, but hey more than the last two weeks. Stephen made burgers on his new grill he got for the house. We also had some chineese food, small plates at a dinner out, greek. Lunches I had chicken sandwiches a few times and some salads. Breakfast was fruit and greek yogurt pretty much everyday.
  • Exercise : We walked a lot around our new neighborhood last weekend. So much that I ended up pretty sore from it. I think I am pulling my shoulder's forward or something strange when I walk a lot.
  • Gender : Baby Girl still!
  • Labor signs : None
  • What I miss : This is harder than I thought each week. I haven't been missing much. I've been fairly stressed out, so I guess right now I miss being able to have a drink to just relax and calm my mind. I'm just always thinking of what is next for everything lately.
  • What I am looking forward to : This weekend. We are currently in Portland, OR. Stephen had to work here today, so I tagged along and am working from his office as well. We are going to do some small hikes around the Columbia River Gorge area, if the weather cooperates, and we have some things we want to look at here for the nursery. No other plans, we hope for it to be a relaxing, fun weekend and I think it will be!
Other Happenings:
I was all over deals this weekend for baby girl. Got all of the above clothes at Goodwill for a total of $8! The jeans(Baby Gap), jean jacket and Cardinals (brand new looking!) onsie will be for when she's a little older. The white onesie and leggins(Gymboree) she will be rocking this summer. 

Saturday our new neighborhood was having a kids gear sale at the community center. We got up and walked down for the opening. We did not have a plan and were a little overwhelmed, but we did end up getting some good items and saving well over $100! Pretty good for two first time parents having no clue what they were looking for. haha! I picked out some stuff while Stephen held it or looked up on his phone to see how much items originally were. I forgot to take a picture of all our deals, but here is a book we picked up:
Haha! We loved it and it was just $1. We also got a bounce seat, a bebepod(its a bumbo) with trays, a newborn cloth diaper and a man looking Skip Hop diaper bag for Stephen.

Saturday evening we went to the Sounders vs Timbers soccer match for Stephen's birthday. We had great seats!

It was pretty cold, but I kept semi warm in his new Sounders hat from his mom and dad. It's so cute, I might have to claim it as mine!

Fancy dinner at home Sunday, as an early bday dinner. Dungenous crab ($4.99/lb! told you all over the deals this weekend. haha). As part of his birthday gift I cracked half of his crab for him. I am slightly better at it than he is, I have years more experiance in crab cracking. :) I will say he does do a good job, he is just slow at it. So by me doing half of his we are finished eating at the same time. 

Tuesday night we had a night out in the city after work. We went to a National Geographic Live lecture, K2 Danger and Desire on the Mountain. The speaker was the first and only woman to have summitted all 8,000+ meter peaks in the world, unassisted with oxygen. The talk was about her 14th peak, K2, and the journey to do it. It was pretty neat and inspiring. We also had great seats, up in one of the "fancy people" boxes.

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