Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 17

Where: Lake Union, from South Lake Union. It was a really gray day, a little harder to tell the bump in this week's picture.

Week Recap ~
  • Total weight gain/loss : +7 lbs
  • Sleep : so so, some nights were restless and others I slept really hard. 
  • Best moments : Scheduling Stephen and I for some classes. I spent a lot of time reading over all the options here in Seattle and after talking to a Seattle friend that had her baby this weekend, I decided to just go with a package of many classes at the hospital. I have us signed up for a couple of those right now and I also found a class on cloth diapering we are going to in a few weeks. I know a lot about it, but when I talk about it to Steve I can tell it sounds like gibberish. So I thought it would be a great idea for us to take a class where he can learn and ask questions. 
  • Movement : I still think none, but I have been trying to convince myself that I am feeling stuff when I am laying in bed at night. Pretty sure it us all in my head right now though. :)
  • Symptoms : None really. I was fairly tired later in the week, but it was a long work week. 
  • Maternity clothes? : Same as last week. Friday I did wear maternity jeans to work. I love that I have a pair of flare jeans again, it has been a while. I did not love that every 30 mins, even if I was sitting, the crotch would wind up half way down my thigh. haha. My stomach just is not big enough yet to keep them up. I know people wear the bella band with them, but I think it would just be too much stuff on my stomach. So until I pop I will just be yanking them up!
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : None this week
  • What I am eating : I can't really remember a lot this week. Like I said it was a really long week. I know I had a salad, soup, fish & chips, mexican and one night we cooked butternut squash gratin and honey balsamic chicken. Both super yummy. I was not very healthy this week I do know that. 
  • Exercise : None
  • Gender : ? We have a date to find out, 2/21! I scheduled the ultrasound this week. 
  • Labor signs : None
  • What I miss : This isn't pregnancy related, but I am missing the sun! It peaked out some on Friday and it just made me want it to stay! Everything you hear about Seattle weather is true, but generally very over exaggerated  It hasn't rained for a couple of days, but it has been foggy and gray out quite a few days in a row lately. I am very happy that this baby will be born in the summer and we can enjoy the best months of Seattle weather together. 
  • What I am looking forward to : Next Thursday! I am flying to St Louis for a girls weekend. Fourish days with the best friends a girl could ask for. Plus there are quite a few babies around now, some I haven't had the chance to meet yet. It will be fun to see everyone's kids together and interacting. One of the best things that ever happened is meeting these girls. We all went to college in Rolla together and have been the best of friends ever since. These days we are scattered all across the country, but we still find ways to see each other throughout the year, as well as email each other daily. Thank goodness for technology! That is enough gushing for now, I am sure I will do even more next week after being with them. :)

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Leslie Keuss said...

YEA SJ! Love the post! Love the pic! Love you guys!