Friday, June 28, 2013

Week 38

Where: Woodland Park Rose Garden, Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA

Week Recap ~

  • Total weight gain/loss : I forgot to get on the scale this morning, but at the doctor's scale on Wednesday I would be at +40lbs. This could be more or less than what I am today, since it is a different scale and I go to the doctor late in the day, but more than likely it is right on track and I am just making excuses for hitting 40 lbs. hehe :)
  • Sleep : Not too bad again this week. Only a night or two where I woke up and couldn't go right back to sleep.
  • Best moments : Her nursery is complete! It is just awaiting one piece of mail containing her crib skirt and curtains. I love it. It is an awesome space. Pictures to come soon I hope. Big thanks to my helper Ellen getting me to finish it last weekend. Stephen tried to help me, but I refused to let him.
  • Movement : Same as always, moving but she doesn't have a lot of room at this point.
  • Symptoms : Huge. I have been getting very tired lately. I have to limit myself to a few hours of activity at a time then rest. :)
  • Maternity clothes? : Yup
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : Pie and pastries. I've had a ton this week!
  • What I am eating : See above. haha Also, Stephen grilled a few nights - chicken, steak and veggies. We also had pizza and Thai for dinners.
  • Exercise : Not very much this week. It was really rainy here, like hard mid-west rain. It was an odd weather week.
  • Gender : Girl
  • Labor signs : Nothing new. Was at the same place as last week at the doctor on Wednesday.
  • What I miss : Probably this week having a meal and not burping some of it up hours later. Gross haha. I try to eat smaller, but it is really hard cause I am still hungry for more.
  • What I am looking forward to : Nice weather! Although Monday is forecasted to be 90! I might need to go work from the mall or somewhere with AC all day. This weekend I hope that we get out on some water at least one day.

    More photos from our trip to the rose garden.

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