Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 36

Where: The Ballard Condominiums with my lovely shower hosts!

Week Recap ~

  • Total weight gain/loss : +35.5 lbs
  • Sleep : Meh. Not happening like I would like it too, a bad nights rest is beginning to be the norm.
  • Best moments : Definitely our shower! It was great to have a laid back afternoon and celebrate our little girl. Pictures below!
  • Movement : There isn't a whole lot of room in there for her to do any big movements, but she is still finding a way to move about.
  • Symptoms : My skin has started to be very dry. I am lathering up in lotion every night, but no lotion seems to be good enough at this point.
  • Maternity clothes? : Yes
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : nothing stands out this week
  • What I am eating : pasta, steak, jalapeno poppers, Mexican - lots of quesadillas lately, lamb burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, yogurt
  • Exercise : Not much this week. Walked to dinner once.
  • Gender : Girl still
  • Labor signs : She's for sure head down!
  • What I miss : Wearing my wedding rings. I haven't had my engagement ring on for a few weeks, but I had still been wearing my band. As of this Tuesday though it is no longer being worn. :(
  • What I am looking forward to : Hopefully the pool this weekend :) Also, I now have all the prints I purchased for the nursery and we will be hanging them this weekend. I am excited to see how they all pull together on the wall. Fingers crossed they look good! Oh and being full term starting Saturday!

    Seattle Shower Pics:
    Condo ladies and great friends! Mandi, me, Aly and Shannon

    Items marked so I knew if I could consume them :) 

    Gummy bears soaked over days in vodka! Highly recommend trying this out

     Grill masters Brian and Eric (below)

     Opening gifts together.

     The guess the celebrity baby game was a big hit.

    I just really loved this picture of us :)

    Thanks so much to Mandi and Aly for putting on a great shower for us! We really have found great friends here in Seattle. :)

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