Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 16

Where: Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, Ballard (one of my favorite places in Seattle)

Week Recap ~
  • Total weight gain/loss : +5 lbs (no change from last week)
  • Sleep : Better this week, I only had one night of major restlessness and keeping the whole family up
  • Best moments : Finding a place to live! Since moving to Seattle Stephen and I have lived in a 950 sq ft condo. It is on the 5th floor of the building and only has one bedroom. While it has been a great place these last 2 years it is just big enough to house us, 2 dogs and all our stuff. I am sure people have children in places like ours or even smaller, but we are not up for that challenge. Over January Stephen has spent a lot of time looking for places for us, even through much scrutiny from me, my high standards and wish to not move out of a 5 block radius from where we currently are. On Monday we visited a nice 3 bedroom home a neighborhood over from Ballard. We knew it would be a great place to raise a kid for a while. I will save all the details for another post when we are moved in in March, but below is a sneak peak of our soon to be family of 3 home. It is in the Greenwood/Phinney neighborhood of Seattle. 

  • Movement : Not yet
  • Symptoms : My emotions were a little (Steve may say a lot) out of control this week. I am hoping week 17 I feel and act a little less like a crazy person :) I would bet to say Steve hopes this to be true as well.
  • Maternity clothes? : Still rocking normal jeans with the Bella Band and maternity leggings  I'm wearing 90% maternity tops, just because I like how comfy they are. Also, they are new and all my other clothes are old. 
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : Nothing new this week. For the most part I still don't feel like anything particular. Mexican is never turned down though.
  • What I am eating : Most of the same as last week. Salad or hot bar for lunch when I am in the office. Dinners were mostly take out this week. We got Chinese one night and it did not go well, lots of heartburn. I might be foregoing Chinese the next few months, to my displeasure. I meal planned and made a grocery list, but never made it to the store. 
  • Exercise : A few nice walks over the weekend, one with the dogs and one checking out a potential new neighborhood to live in (where we ended up getting a place!). Other than that nothing. Bad me. 
  • Gender : ??? 3+ weeks and counting!
  • Labor signs : Nope
  • What I miss : Crying for a real reason. hahaha Or just not crying at all. 
  • What I am looking forward to : Being able to think about a nursery with an actual room in mind! I have a lot of ideas, but was not able to picture them in a room until now. It is a really great feeling knowing Little P has a place that will be his/hers.

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Lauren: ) said...

I'm so glad you're blogging: ) I love your weekly photos!!! You look great! I can't wait to see you in just a few days - SO excited!!!