Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 14

Where: View of the Space Needle, Capital Hill

Week Recap ~
  • Total weight gain/loss : +3.5 lbs
  • Sleep : Not as good as I would like it to be. I seem to trade off nights from sleeping great and really hard to sleeping terrible, waking up every couple of hours.
  • Best moments : Starting to talk baby names with Steve. We thought we would wait to know what we were having, but I mentioned it one night before bed and we had a small conversation about some names. Since then Steve has messaged me during the day when he thinks of names. We aren't ruling anything out yet, just getting together a list of prospective names. :)
  • Movement : None yet. When we had our last ultrasound the tech told us the placenta is in the front, so it is likely that I will not feel the baby as soon as some people do. It will act as a cushion between the baby and I.
  • Symptoms : Most of my first tri symptoms are going away. I have been a little tired this week, but nothing like I have been. I had some throwing up too, but I have been coming out of a cold and all the extra flem has been causing that.
  • Maternity clothes? : I do not need to be wearing them yet, but I am really loving a few shirts I have gotten that don't bunch on the sides. They just look like they are slightly big in my stomach area. I am also loving maternity leggings. Again, I do not need to be wearing them but they are just so comfy!
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : Mexican! All I want is mexican, but midwest overly creamy & cheesy mexican. I haven't found what I am wanting here in Seattle just yet. Most chains look kinda gross and nicer places are either authentic Mexican or have a gourmet twist to them. While I can find cheesy at these places, it doesn't fulfill the creaminess I am looking for. I thought I hit the jackpot Sunday with a place I know people like and had a promising menu online. We get there and its brunch all day! Dang it Seattle, what Mexican place in the midwest would have brunch? haha. We split tacos and they were really good. We will be going back when it is not a Sunday.
  • What I am eating : I haven't been as healthy as I would like to be this week. Breakfast is almost always fruit and greek yogurt. I have had a lot of soup and salads for lunches, but I did have a burger and fish and chips too. Dinner is where I am loosing the healthiness battle. I only cooked one night this week, pork and asparagus. Otherwise we had bbq, fried pickles, greek, pizza and burgers.
  • Exercise : None :( I really need to step it up here. I am getting really stiff hips. I need to start doing some stretching and/or yoga. I think I will look into getting a prenatal yoga dvd to do at home.
  • Gender : Still don't know! I have a feeling it is a girl though. No reason why, I just feel like it is.
  • Labor signs : None
  • What I miss : Regular cold medicine! I had to fight a cold after getting back from Christmas and being able to only take a few, not powerful meds killed me and it sure didn't make my cold go away with any amount of speed!
  • What I am looking forward to : The sun is forecasted to be out this weekend. Should allow us to be outside, get some fresh air, walking and hopefully a bump picture with the mountains.
  • Milestones : Getting one week in the second trimester done!

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