Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Love!

Cornflake Girl and I must have had esp, because yesterday I was just wondering how the cake topper was coming along and when it would be done. Today I get an email from her that it is complete and I should check it out and see what I think. I am so in love!

Special thanks to my wonderful Aunt Nancy for this awesome gift! Isn't it cute?


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! Its so stinking cute!!!!!!!!

I love the glasses!

I am going to make it my job (since I will be sober) to make sure you get it back after the reception! My cake topper disappeared and I never saw it again!

Holly Jett said...


Navin_keeper said...

That is cute as hell!

Anonymous said...

its is sooo cool ;-) your aunt is special for getting you such a cute and original cake toppper !! thabk you kim for keeping an eye on it !mom

Nancy said...

it is sooooo cute ! i'm glad i could do something special for you and steve . i knew how much you wanted it.. actually it is beyond cute !
love you !