Monday, April 13, 2009

Wedding Band!

Steve bought his wedding band this weekend! He really liked the style of Tom’s. It is round to fit your finger, but square-ish on the outside to fit well with the rest of your fingers. So when we were in St Louis this weekend he visited Robert Beins Jeweler (where Tom purchased his ring). It turns out that they are going out of business. They had a ring just like Steve was looking for. Since they were going out of business he didn’t have much time to mull over if he should buy it or not. So he did! Its white gold with a little bit of yellow gold. I like it a lot and so does he. It’s really cute how he keeps trying it on to make sure it still fits. I keep telling him he can’t wear it till September 26th, 2:30ish. :)


Nancy said...

Yay ! glad Steve found what he was wanting :) too cute that he is trying it on .. i hope it can be sized down if he is still loosing weight ;-O it sounds realllly cool !

Gilmore-Kozlen said...

He was being so cute at the store too! I have never seen any man talk about the rings like him! He was just so excited and in love with it!!