Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Friday, while mom and Ellen were here, we went and looked at invitations at Statements. They had a ton of books to look through. We marked probably 8 invitations we liked then went back through them and narrowed them down to our favorites of those. Here are some of the finalists:

We took Steve back to the store on Saturday to get his opinion on the ones we picked out. I'm not going to tell you which ones we decided on, but we picked one and placed our order! You will find out which one when you get them in the mail. :) I should be getting a proof of them in about a week. Once that is finalized they will be printed, shipped to the store, and eventually in your mailbox. :)


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

How exciting!! I like them all!

I thought the whole invitation thing was very overwhelming! I never knew there were so many different things you had to decide upon!

Nancy said...

They are all pretty . Looking forward to getting ours and finding out which one you picked !