Monday, April 20, 2009


While mom and Ellen were in town this weekend we got a lot accomplished for the wedding! Including a lot of bridesmaid planning. We found cute shoes for everyone to wear at DSW. They come in bronze and silver. I think it would be really cute to have 2 of each. Ellen picked up a silver pair and they had a bronze pair in Jessica's size so I got them for her. Now the challenge begins...finding two size 11 pairs. Who knew I had 2 bridesmaids with amazon feet(hehe just kidding ladies). So if anyone is at a DSW and sees the following shoes in a size 11 pick them up!
Chinese Laundry, Taurus in sliver or bronze. :)

We also ordered gifts for the bridesmaids :) I love them so much I got one for myself too. hehe I can't wait for September to give the gifts to everyone and see them in their pretty dresses with their cute shoes!


Holly Jett said...

Hey... you can order from DSW online!

Nancy said...

Good idea Holly !

Nancy said...

If DSW does'nt have the sizes you need .. a client suggested e-mail the CO. who make the shoes or try Zappo's !