Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 32

Where: Atop the Space Needle, Seattle, WA (Olympic Mountains in the background)

Week Recap ~

  1. Total weight gain/loss : +27.5 lbs (I must have jinxed myself a few weeks back saying I wanted to just go barely over 30lbs. Since then I've been gaining 2-3 lbs every week. At that rate I'll be lucky to stay under 45lbs.)
  2. Sleep : Better this week than the past few. Still waking up a lot to pee, but I have been falling back asleep each time better.
  3. Best moments : My sister moved to Seattle yesterday! :) I also got a good amount of baby laundry done. Diapers are finished and put away. Last night I folded some clean receiving blankets while my new helper figured out what to do with baby socks. ha. It's good to have my sister around :)
  4. Movement : Yes. We also confirmed this week that she likes music with horns in it. We played her some tunes a few nights and she really got going for a few songs that are very horn centric.
  5. Symptoms : Just feeling like I'm getting bigger. I even got a "my gosh your huge" at work this week. The guy was lucky I was in a good mood and thought he was funny. :)
  6. Maternity clothes? : Same as always. I did pick up two dresses at Old Navy that are not maternity but will work. The one in this weeks picture is one of them.
  7. Food cravings or aversion's? : Spaghetti - I just had to have it one night. It turned out great cause we found a place in our neighborhood we really like that has an extensive gluten free menu. I also realized this week that I randomly want orange Gatorade a lot of times. It is on sale this week at one store for $0.69! I'm stocked up now.
  8. What I am eating : I made philly cheesesteaks from scratch, cheese sauce and all, one night. They were super good. Also, had some chicken and fingerling potatoes one night. Sliders and crepe food trucks. Ice cream. Chicken sandwiches, pizza rolls and bites for lunches. I had a few salads. Bananas, greek yogurt, usual breakfast.
  9. Exercise : I didn't get in as many walks this week as the past few, but I did get out and move a little.
  10. Gender : Girl. She's got more pink clothes than I prefer, guess its unavoidable though huh?
  11. Labor signs : None
  12. What I miss : Hmm this continues to be a hard one for me each week. I am starting to have a hard time getting comfortable on the couch and sometimes at the start of bed. So maybe doing those things with ease? I think some of it can be attributed to a long day though, then combined with getting larger it just all gets harder at the end of the day.
  13. What I am looking forward to : A fun weekend with my sister! Also, we go this weekend to tour the birth center. So we will find out where we will need to park and what the room will look like where we will meet our little girl. One other non baby related thing I am looking forward to is, Monday Stephen and I are going to a Nat Geo lecture on ancient Maya. We really enjoy the few lectures we have been to and I am sure this one will be no different.

    Other Happenings:
    Mother's day brunch a top the Space Needle!
It wasn't a sunny day, but we still had great views. The Olympics were out and looking fantastic as always.
After brunch we went to see Iron Man 3 and walked around downtown a little. It was a really nice day Stephen planned.
Monday we finished our 6 week child & labor class. I'm pretty good at swaddling haha

I also won a contest this week from Cotton Babies (great cloth diaper store that is St Louis based). I never win anything so it was a complete surprise. Pretty excited to use my $10 gift card.

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