Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 31

Where: Lummi Island, Washington (Mt. Baker in the background)

Week Recap ~
  • Total weight gain/loss : +25 lbs
  • Sleep : Getting a little harder. My stomach has started to get uncomfortable if I don't make sure to have a pillow under it. Also, waking up a lot to go to the bathroom. When I was asleep most nights I was sleeping hard, just waking up a lot. 
  • Best moments : Relaxing all weekend and being in the sun. Just spending time with Stephen & the dogs not worrying about anything/ 
  • Movement : She's getting bigger, as her movements are more pronounced. She still isn't the most active one, but has her moments where she's partying in there. 
  • Symptoms : Starting to have my ankles get swollen :( No kankles yet, but I am worried they are on their way. We had a few 80 degree days and that had them swelling pretty good. 
  • Maternity clothes? : Yes, with the warmer weather I have been rocking mostly dresses this week. 
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : Nothing in particular this week. 
  • What I am eating : deer moss, wild mushrooms, salmon, rhubarb, sunflower root, sable fish, flowers, fried halibut skin with razor clams, geoduck - to name a few items from our amazing 18 course meal at the Willows :)  
  • Exercise : Lots of walks. I've really been doing well with getting out and moving more. 
  • Gender : Girl
  • Labor signs : None
  • What I miss : Not having someone jam a foot or hand into my upper stomach for hours on end, especially after I have ate a large meal. 
  • What I am looking forward to : Stephen has a nice mother's day planned for me and my sister arrives to Seattle next week. Also, I have a day off work to hang out with her next Friday and who doesn't love a day off work! :)

    Other Happenings:
    We spent all weekend in Lummi Island. We did pretty much nothing but relax. We didn't even watch tv other than a few sports events. The view from the house we rented (we have a friend who's mom owns a house on the island) was amazing. We spent a lot of time looking out at this view...

    The dogs LOVED it. There was a nice size yard they would roam and a wonderful deck we all spent a lot of time on. We left the door open and they would just go out and sunbath for hours. 

    As I mentioned, we had an amazing dinner at the Willows Inn. It was walking distance from the house we stayed in too. We got there about an hour early and sat out on the nice deck having a pre-dinner drink (me some fancy fresh squeezed juice).

    I think we had the best table (the place only has 12 tables).

    On Saturday we walked the beach and saw the head chef from Willows on the beach. We talked to him and found out he was foraging seaweed for dinner that night. All the food served at their dinners is foraged from the island or fished from the waters around the island. We thought it was just so cool running into him picking items for dinner, foodies meeting a celebrity. haha

    I love this picture of us on the beach. We were so relaxed :)

    Some scenery pictures from our weekend...


    We played mini golf this Friday. I killed it on the front nine!

    Then I let a hard hole get in my head and Stephen killed it on the back nine.

    Final results....We tied! 

    I also went to the doctor this week, starting my every two week appointments instead of once a month. I am measuring right on track and the heartbeat sounded great!

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