Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 29

Where: RoozenGaarde tulip field, Skagit Valley, WA

Week Recap ~

  • Total weight gain/loss : +22 lbs
  • Sleep : I didn't kick the week off great. Had my first bout of insomnia on Sunday night. I know insomnia strikes a lot of pregnant women, but I have been lucky to date to not have any. It did not make for a fun Monday. Luckily Sunday was the only night I was plagued with this.
  • Best moments : All of the big nursery furniture is purchased and in her room! It has been a challenge arranging it in a manor I find acceptable though. I think Stephen has moved every piece in every possible position, maybe more than once :). Here is the dresser I picked up on Monday, found on Craigslist:

I also received some AMAZING news at the end of this week, but cannot share it just yet. Stay tuned!
  • Movement : Same as the last few weeks, nothing new here.
  • Symptoms : Starting to nest some. Like I mentioned, I had Stephen moving everything around in her room like a crazy person. I also took all of our amazing shower gifts and sorted them for easier use of where everything is and knowing what all we have right now. Check out this girls clothes!
  • I was glad I sorted through all of them. I quickly figured out what sizes she needs and doesn't need more clothes of. The two large piles are 3-9 months. We would be in trouble if she came today and was tiny. I know a lot of people say they aren't in newborn or 0-3 very long but right now she'd be going naked a lot while we washed the 10 clothing items she does have from newborn - 3 months every day. We wont get her too many more clothes in this size but a few onsies and pjs should have her covered.  
  • Maternity clothes? : Rocking them still. Still wearing a few non-maternity shirts, but I have also gone to put on some tshirts this week to find that they do not fit at all.
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : Nothing stands out this week
  • What I am eating : greek yogurt, granola, pasta, salad, fruit, fruit, fruit, made some quinoa stuffed red peppers one night, ben & jerry's frozen greek yogurt so good! I was better about veggies this week, but I still need to work on having more.
  • Exercise : Got a good number of after work walks in this week. The weather has been looking up and it stays light out till after 8pm now so we have a lot of chances to take family walks. It makes the dogs very happy too!
  • Gender : Girl!
  • Labor signs : I think one night I felt a Braxton Hicks contraction, just one so no need to be concerned :)
  • What I miss : Taking a walk in 60 degree weather and not sweating! haha. To be fair 60 is warm here, 80 is HOT. So if you live in the Midwest maybe read this as 80 degree weather makes me sweat, to give you an idea of the temp we are having here. Also, walking up inclines and not having to stop or slow down to catch my breath. I am not letting either of these things stop me from getting out and in the sun when I can!
  • What I am looking forward to : Having next Friday off! We are headed to Lummi Island for the weekend. Should be relaxing.
Other Happenings:
We went to the Tulip Festival! I was so excited that we were first in line to get into the fields.
Just a few of the hundreds of photos we took:

The dogs were super cute and loving.
     Yuri watching TV on his dad.

    Chewie hanging out with his sister (he stood like this for 20 mins)

    We enjoyed the sunshine! Not only did we take walks, but we spent time out on the porch. We also put up a gate on the front porch and leave the door open and Chewie eats it up. He loves hanging out there.

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