Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 28 - Hello 3rd Trimester!

Where: Pike's Market, Seattle, WA

Week Recap ~
  • Total weight gain/loss : +21 lbs (no change)
  • Sleep : Ugg sleep this week was terrible. I got up one night 6 times to pee, 6! After that I started to make sure I cut myself off from liquids by 8pm, but some nights I was still up 4 times. To date I haven't had any big issues with falling back asleep, but a few nights this week after being woken up I was up for a good hour or more. Looking forward to some sleeping in and naps this weekend. (wrote this on Friday, extra sleep didn't happen this weekend. boo!)
  • Best moments : More nursery progress, purchased a glider and ottoman and started on a lampshade diy project (still tbd if it will work out). We also started to get more out of our baby class than we did the first week, so that felt good. Sunday was a really nice day out and we spent the morning downtown, something we hadn't done in a while. Walked around Pike's Market, bought some good looking fruit & fresh flowers and then we had a lovely brunch. It was some nice "us" time.
  • Movement : She's a movin! Before this week she really only moved on my right side, I never felt her on the left. A few times this week I have felt her all over, she must be practicing summersaults some days. I'm good with it, as long as her room starts to shrink she finds herself in a proper position for easy execution. hehe She also has been spending some time jamming herself into my right side. It is pretty uncomfortable and happens at night. Sometimes we can get her to move when Stephen talks to her, right where she's giving me pain. It is sweet.
  • Symptoms : Pretty crabby this week at the end of the day. I'm not crabby all day, but definitely at night. I am going to attribute this to my lack of sleep and being worn out from work. :)
  • Maternity clothes? : Yup, still in them.
  • Food cravings or aversion's? : Mostly the same, pizza & Mexican, but this week I also ate quite a few frozen breakfast sandwiches. Not something we keep around our house ever, but when we were at the store one night I just had to get some and have been eating them for meals (dinner even).
  • What I am eating : Lots of fruit, some Mexican, some Chinese, pasta, breakfast sandwiches, pork tenderloin. I need to work on veggies next week. I think I get twice the recommended fruit and maybe half the recommended veggies.
  • Exercise : Took two walks with Stephen and the dogs around the neighborhood. It was nice to have a break from some of the rain we have been having. They also helped my mood.
  • Gender : Girl
  • Labor signs : None. We know a lot more about what to be on the look out for now from our weekly class.
  • What I miss : Not waking up to have to pee all night! ha
  • What I am looking forward to : Non-baby related, but going to the Tulip Festival this weekend! I have missed it the last few years and I am really excited about getting to go this year.

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