Saturday, December 6, 2008

SK Ring

When we were at the Plaza Art Fair this past September Steve and I had come across this jeweler from New Jersey. Steve really liked one ring they had. Being that the wedding was a year away he wasn't ready to make a commitment to just one ring yet. :) So he decided to wait on buying it. We took their card and all of the information on the ring he liked. The style he wants is like the one below.
Last night after going to the T-Mobile store(we are getting new cell phones!) we stopped by a local jewelry store I have always wanted to go in, Moshiri. They had a wonderful selection of men's rings and they were very affordable. To make it better they had styles like the one Steve liked. But they didn't have exactly what he wanted. The owner was there and he said to come in and they will work with him to create what he wants, send it to their maker and let us know they price and then we can decide on it. It was very exciting. We didn't buy anything and are still planning on looking a few other places, but I have a feeling he will be getting his ring there.

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Holly Jett said...

Love the pictured ring! Good taste!