Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We put up our tree tonight. It is now feeling like the holidays around our home. Chewie also got a new sweater today. He insisted I post a picture of him in it looking adorable. He is very funny in the sweater. He actually likes wearing it. :)


mom said...

chewie looks adorable and proud to be wearing that sweater ! i am jealous you have a tree :-0 i guess i will have to get out tiny tree out ! love

Ellenj18 said...

i love it!!

Holly Jett said...

Chewie looks like he a model and your tree looks great. I found t-shirts for Daphne and Derby from Old Navy. Daphne's says "I've Been Naughty!" - so fitting for her, and Derby's says "Ho, Ho, Ho" - he's such a good boy!