Thursday, November 20, 2008


I forgot to mention that we found a photographer! We met with Pattie Gabriel the day of Becky and Steve's wedding at her studio. Steve and I really liked all of her work. I really liked some of the little things you don't get with other places. For example, our proofs will come in a handmade box for us to keep. Besides these things Patti seemed really easy to get along with and I think it will be great to have her document our special day.


Nancy said...

coool ! does she do the bound hardcover photo books ? i looove those !

Kim said...

So I dont know if you have thought about favors at all, but last night I was at a wedding and we were given carmel apples with ribbon and a cute little note tied to them. Everyone loved them (including myself)! I just thought its a very nice fall treatand they looked super cute all together!!