Tuesday, October 20, 2009

13.1 miles!

Well we did it and survied to tell about it! Last Saturday Steve and I both completed our very first half marathon..13.1 miles. Steve ran his in 2 hrs 25 mins and I was able to complete it in just barely over 3 hrs...3 hrs 2 mins. We both figured I would have ran it in 30 more mins than it actually took me, so coming in at that time I was ecstatic! A few highlights for me were:
- Running through downtown was really fun, there is so much to see. Kansas City really is a great town.
- The beginning few hills were quite a site, thousands of people running at one time is such a thing to see
- I made myself an acquaintance to run with the first 8 miles. This helped out a lot. We chatted and kept each other going.
- There were bands playing along parts of the route that kept it fun and exciting.
- I got to mile 10 and someone had candy they were giving out! The Skittles I took got me through the next mile or two.
- Seeing Steve close to the finish line cheering for me and so happy for me that I was still running was really awesome.
- I was able to continue running till the end of the race. I calculated that I probably walked a total of 30 to 40 mins the whole time. So 2 1/2 hrs running..that's a long time!

Chewie wearing my bib number and wondering why we are up so dang early on a Saturday!

Steve and I before the race. It was dark out still and raining!
Me waving to Steve and some of our friends...almost to the finish line!

My Final Stats:


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

Way to go! Reading this made me cry! (Blame it on the pregnancy, or just being proud of my sister!)

And the beard is back!?

Nancy said...

I'm so proud of you Sarah ! (Steve too .. :)) .. I can not even imagine how hard it is to run such a distance . WAY TO GO !!!

Nancy said...

annnnnd , I just looked at your stats again .. WOW !

Julia Dohen.... said...

YAY!! I am so proud of you SJ!!! (I know that you are SK now - but I still love SJ) Think that you and Steve are soooo amazing!!

Love j