Friday, October 9, 2009

Name Change

Taking a half day of work today to start on changing my name. :) I am leaving at lunch time to head to the social security office and the dmv to get the process of changing everything from Sarah James to Sarah Kozlen. To prepare for this I spent some time yesterday practicing writing my new name out. hehe


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

How cute!! You will love being a Kozlen!! I am proud to have you as one!! :)

Nancy said...

Toooo cute .. I love the Mrs. Kozlen on your practice sheet :) So hard to belive that you are now a married woman , after watching you grow from infancy .. times flies ! Enjot being " Mrs." Sarah Kozlen ..
Love you oodles !
Aunt Nancy

Lauren: ) said...

HAHA. I have one of those from our honeymoon plane ride: ) I think the girl next to me thought I was crazy!

I find that I like signing my new name because it is much shorter...but sometimes I still dot the Is like I am signing Wilkinson! HAHA.

Good luck with everything - it is such a pain!