Thursday, September 17, 2009

high of 74 degrees

We have entered into the 10 day forecast! Woohoo. I know 10 days is a huge amount of time in the weather world and this could stay the same or change drastically, but it is still fun to check and see what the weather may be. Right now I would say it looks like a perfect day to get married. :)
I am not really worried about the weather though. We are getting married rain or shine! :) The only bummer with rain would be pictures, but we could figure that out. Steve has access, through work, to this massive weather database. With it he was able to look back at the weather on September 26th through a number of years. I would say, from what he found that historically it looks like we picked a great day.

In the past 5 years on Sept 26 it has been an average of 66-70 degrees. It has not rained since 2003 and that’s the only year it rained in this decade. In 2004 it was an avg temp of 54 which is the only year it seemed kind of cold and in 1999 it was an average temp of 76, hitting 89, which looks to be the warmest in the past decade. The avg precipitation on Sept 26 is .1 inches and high is 2.26 in 1884.


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

Sounds perfect!!!!!!

Lauren: ) said...

HAHAHA. It will be AWESOME! I may need to bring a cardigan...maybe Steph has one: ) LOVE.

Nancy said...

I'm glad you and Steve are on top of the weather ! I've been pondering it .. fretting over it ! This post eased my mind! And , now I'll def bring Gram's a wrap .. you know how she is always cold :)
LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!
Aunt Nancy