Monday, September 14, 2009


Being that it is getting so close to the wedding it was time to start working on programs. I know a lot of people wait till even closer than I did to the wedding to do their programs, but I didn't want to haul all of the necessary pieces to St Louis and assemble them there. So I started a few weeks ago looking on the Knot for program layout ideas. Below are some of the styles I liked.

When Lauren spent the night a few weekends ago she helped me get a Word document laid out and ready to format with everything I would need to be in the program. Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten everything needed for the program ready. Friday I had them printed up and Saturday night Lauren and her mom were so kind and came over and assembled them with me. Together we got 90 of them done! I could never have gotten that many done in one night without them. They had also just done all of this a few months ago for Lauren and Nicks wedding, so they had more expertise in program assembling than I do. hehe. Sunday Steve helped me out and we got the rest of them done. I am so glad to have such a big thing to cross off my to do list! Thank you sooooooo much Lauren and Terry!

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Nancy said...

Sooooo sweet of Lauren and her mom to help you ! I'm sure they will be perfect :) And Steve helped too .. Go Steve ! You are really on the ball Sarah .. I'm proud of you ( as always ! )