Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ceremony Music

Pretty much everything for the wedding has been planned out by now, except for minor details. One thing that Steve and I had not put much thought into though was music for the ceremony. The people at the Piper Palm House mentioned that a lot of people use ipods or something of the like for music. At the time this was alright with us, so we figured we would go with that and work on it when the time came. Well it was time to figure out the music for the ceremony over the last week. I put Steve in charge of it. Then one night he tells me that he needs to talk to me about it. He is no longer happy with the idea of having someone press play on a cd or ipod and he worries that it could ruin the wedding. I tell him everything will be fine no matter what, its just music. Little did I know he had really thought all of this through and researched people to play at the wedding. So sweet of him! So now we are having a string duo play from Noteworthy Music.
There will be a violin and a classical guitar playing. We picked out the songs from their list last night and we are super excited about them playing. And now with the music picked out I can finalize the programs and get them printed.


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

I think the muscians will make the wedding even better!! Its going to be beautiful!! I can't wait!! I am tearing up now! I am going to be a crying mess! ha!

Lauren: ) said...

YAY! I'm SO excited! I can't believe how close it is! I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend!


Nancy said...

Sooo sweet of Steve ! It will be beautiful , violins and guitars .
18 more days !
Love you so much ,
Aunt Nancy

Julia Dohen.... said...

14 more days - not that I am counting:)

love j