Sunday, August 30, 2009

Head For the Cure

This morning Lauren, Amy Lunn and I ran a 5K, Head for the Cure. It was in an office park in Overland Park called Corporate Woods. The path was a pretty good one. The weather was also great for a run, in the 50's. More exciting than the path or the weather though was the cause. Every race benefits something and while we have ran many races now, I have not yet ran a race that meant anything to me. Head for the Cure raises money to find a cure for brain cancer, something that hits close to home for us. While we were at UMR one of our best friends, Krista, had her dad pass away. So this race we ran for him, Krista and her family.

Krista's dad, Jack Wolfe
Lauren and I before the race. We made some sweet hats to wear...mine says JW and hers is the above picture of Jack.
All 3 of us after the race. We also made some awesome shirts that said "Cancer Sucks" They were a big hit.
It also was Amy Lunn's first race and she did great! She is doing the half marathon in October just like Steve and I. :) Lauren did awesome as usual. I am really proud of myself this race. I ran it at a faster pace than I usually do and I finished around 34 mins. I'd say it was a pretty good Sunday morning.


Nancy said...

What a wonderful thing for you three to do in honor of Krista's dad . The hats and shirts are great !
Way to go !!!!!!

Julia said...

SJ you guys are soooo cute! Cannot wait to see you soon! love j

Krista said...

LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! You have no idea what this meant to me. I sent it along to my sisters and Mom and everyone sends loves, thanks, and more loves to you gals!!