Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday In the Park

This past Sunday Steve, Chewie and I had a lovely day at the park. We went to Shawnee Mission Park, found a great spot by the lake and had a picnic. The park is amazing. We had never been there, nor had we realized how close it was to our house. There are a ton of things to do there, including some paddle boats we plan to hit up on our next visit.

Chewie loved it the most I think. He is now demanding we go to the park every week. :)

Steve and I enjoying some "Kung Fu Girl" Riesling.

We ate strawberries and pineapple with our wine. After we were done eating everything we brought we went over our ceremony. It was great reading through it and knowing that in less than 2 months it will be being read out loud to all of our friends and family.


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

You guys are too cute!!!

And chewie looks adorable like always!

Nancy said...

Ditto .. You guys are too cute !
I'm glad your finding time to relax and do fun things as a family .. Chewie looks very happy :)
I can't wait to hear you both say your vows ! I'll cry !
Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

those are such great photos !!! i cant wait to see you this weekend at the showers sarah !! i will miss seeing steve and chewie :-( i am so excited to have all of this come together ... you are doing a great job on everything for the wedding !!! love you both.... mom

Nancy said...

I just checked out the Park site .. what a great place .. Sooo much to do there ! And a special off lease area for dogs , how sweet is that !