Thursday, November 6, 2008


Things have been very busy lately. We were in St Louis last weekend for Becky and Steve's wedding (congratulations!!!) and ever since then the ball has really gotten rolling on planning. We met with a photographer last Saturday, I emailed a florist and ceremony officiant this week and mom called a caterer today for us. We have been lining up days we are back in STL next with appointments. It is going to be very busy, but I can't wait to get everything going! I have lots of pictures and things I want to blog about. Hopefully I can find time later on to fill you in on everything.


Ellenj18 said...

I think we should go to Bloom to look for bridesmaid necklaces!

Nancy said...

your doing great sarah ! pleeeease let me know if i can do anything , anything at all to help you !
going to Bloom sounds like fun :)