Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paper Pomander Balls

I have always loved the idea of pomander balls hanging down the aisle(on the chairs) but getting these seems silly as I'm sure they aren't cheap and then there's the hassle of flowers falling off of them. But then I saw this DIY project on Once Wed. They are paper pomander balls. The approximate cost of one is $5, but they got the Styrofoam balls SUPER cheap. I paid $5 for one at Micheal's!
So last weekend I picked up a ball, paper(its Martha Stewart) and a cute flower paper punch(also Martha...found it cheaper later at WalMart though). The rest I used what I had at home. I think it turned out really good. I can only imagine how great one made with all the right materials would look.

My delima now is do I want to make these and have the pom poms on the chairs? It might be too much. Oh and the pomanders would probably only go on every other row half way down the Piper Palm House. I don't know! Sometimes I think I have too many ideas and they aren't all going to go together! eek.

Did some research today and I found this site where you can get the balls for about $1.75 each, when purchasing 12. Not too bad.


Kim said...

I love them! I think they are an awesome idea! And I dont think they would be too much, just sort of bigger versions of the pom poms.

Nancy said...

Cooool ! I don't think it's too much to do both . Let me help !
Your the best wedding planner :)
XXXOOO Aunt Nancy

Ellenj18 said...

i like the idea also but i'm not sure how i feel about the orange under the flowers maybe the light green under and then that paper?

SJ said...

el - i said i was just using stuff i had at home...duh. i just picked a random piece of paper and then used pins and ribbon from home. silly

Holly Jett said...

Love the Pomanders. You could decorate the PPH with them and have the pom poms ready at the back for people to grab as they leave. I think the pom poms would still have alot of impact if people grab them as they leave and if they are re-distributed at the reception, you've really got your use out of them!