Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dog Park

Last weekend we took the dogs to Shawnee Mission Park. They have a nice off leash dog park area. Chewie has visited most of the dog parks in the area, but Yuri had yet to go to any of them. This was his first time and he loved it! I think Chewie loved it a little more being there with his brother too. He was more adventurous than previous times we had taken him.
There is a place where dogs can get into the lake and swim around. This is as much as they wanted to get in. hehe.
They really stuck together the whole time. Chewie was the leader and Yuri would go where ever he was, occasionally running back to us to see that we were still there and let us know they were alright. Hopefully the heat backs off soon and we can take them to adventure at the dog parks around more often.

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Nancy said...

Soooooo sweet ! They are adorable !