Friday, June 18, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Steve has been wearing and running in shoes called Vibram Five Fingers for quite a while now. Wearing them is like being barefoot. He started wearing them after having some pains from running. His pain has gone away and only comes back when he runs in shoes. He swears by them and if you want to know a lot more about them I would direct you to talk to him. He can talk your ears off about it. :)
A few weeks ago I got a pair of my own! I was supposed to read Born to Run before we would talk about getting me a pair, but then this happened....

I rolled my ankle while working out at the gym. Steve felt I should get a pair, as it would strengthen many of my muscles, including ones I don't probably use that much. So one day while out to lunch together we stopped by the only store in town that carries them. I tried one on (I was lucky they had my size, they are super popular) and they fit perfectly. So we got them! I couldn't wear them though for the last two weeks due to my right ankle being HUGE.

Here is is the night it happened with Yuri making sure I kept it elevated. This isn't even close to how big it got. You couldn't tell where my calf ended and my ankle began. I wish I would have taken some pictures of it a few days later.

But my ankle is almost normal size now and I can get my shoes on! This is my second time wearing them(they are on now as I type this). The first time took me over 5 minuets. I didn't time myself this wear, but I know it was faster than before. I haven't ran in them yet, just worn them around the house and took the dogs for a walk in them. They feel pretty neat.

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Holly Jett said...

Ankle... bad. New running wear... good! Bet you're gonna make a Cards/Royals game this weekend! Hope all is well with you two (or 4)!