Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best Friends

The pups LOVE walks. You can't even mention the word "walk" anywhere near Chewie or he will freak out. The problem is with two dogs either both Steve and I have to take them together or you have to walk one dog, come home and then walk the other dog. When you do this the one left at home spends the whole time freaking out. So I bought a leash splitter. A leash splitter allows you to walk two dogs from only one leash. Last weekend I decided to try it out. While it didn't go horribly we didn't walk much farther than down the street and back. I think after an adjustment to make it a little longer and some practice they will get the hang of it. Hopefully resulting in more walks.

They look so cute walking side by side.

1 comment:

Holly Jett said...

Too funny! Altho I walk my two on two retractable leashes all the time! But, then again, I am talented!