Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Congrats Nickie & Matt Smith!

Last weekend we went to St Louis for a party filled weekend. We had a wedding to go to and a graduation party. The wedding was my friend Nickie. She didn't actually go to Rolla, but to us she is just another Rolla girl. :)
The beautiful bride and her new hubby walking down the aisle.

Kara was a bridesmaid. She looked pretty as well.

And she made the cake! Doesn't it look awesome? It tasted good too! I am so impressed with her skills.

Krista came in for the wedding. We really liked hanging out on this patio at the reception. It was a really nice view.

In between the ceremony and reception we spent time at the Kozlen house for Jessica's graduation party. Lots of family came to town for the get together. It was really nice to get to visit with everyone. Plus Krista and Chung came along, so we got to hang out all day too. Even with lots of family at the party, the only pics I got there were of Leah. Hehe.

She loved the dogs. She kept trying to pet Yuri. They find her interesting too. It's cute.

Leah and I hanging out. Doesn't she look cute in that dress? Her Aunt Sarah got it for her :)

Overall it was a very busy weekend, but a great one!

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Nancy said...

Great pic's . Glad you had fun .. Love Leah's dress :)