Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekend In St Louis

We spent a few weekends ago in St Louis. We didn't have much of an agenda, but to hang out with some friends and it was great. Here are a few highlights from our trip.

This is how we have to travel now with two dogs. Chewie gets the first choice of a spot and Yuri goes wherever he can fit, even it it is on top of Chewie!

Jessica had a lacrosse tournament, so we went watch one of her games. It is an interesting sport. Not quite sure I get it, but interesting. Plus it was fun getting to see J play a sport, we don't get to many of her games.

Kim, Brian and Leah came to the game also. So we got in some quality niece time.

Shes so cool in her hot pink sunglasses. :)

Chillin with Uncle Steve in her sun hat.

Everyone at the Cards Game. Early in the evening. We stayed for only 14 of the 20 innings this game lasted!

Pretty ladies pic.

With the hubby. :)

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Nancy said...

Fun times and great pic's ! XO