Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Half Marathon

Two weekends ago Steve and I participated in our 2nd half marathon, the Olathe Half to be exact. We both did really well, beating our previous half marathon times set at the Kansas City half back in October, by 18 mins each! A few other changes to this half, besides kicking butt, was our friends Lauren and Katie also ran this one. And we had people along the way cheering us on! My mom and mama came to town Friday night and braved the early morning to come out and cheer us on. I was so happy to have them there and really impressed at the navigating skills they had, being in a city they did not know and trying to find us along the race route. I saw them 4 times!
Katie, Steve, myself and Lauren before the race.

Me heading towards the finish line. So glad to be done!

Mama, mom, myself and Steve after the race.

My half ladies. :) We spent the 12 weeks training for this race emailing each other each week about our training. It really helped keep me motivated to run each week.

Surprise! Drake and Brandi showed up when we finished the race and surprised me with flowers. So sweet of them.


mom said...

yeah finally a post about the olathe half ;-) it was sooo much fun to cheer you and steve and your friends on the the finish ... fantastic job sarah and everyone

Nancy said...

i love this post ! sooo proud of you and soo glad you had a great support team there ! love you

Julia Dohen.... said...

you are amazing:) I am so proud of all of you.

Love and miss you so much...

love j