Monday, July 20, 2009


Kansas City is now home to one of the greatest water park chains in the world. I have been excited about Schlitterbahn Vacation Village since the day I heard they broke ground. This is a huge development and is going to take years to finish, but last week they finished Phase I of the park and it opened to the public. I just had to go!
So Saturday morning Steve and I packed up and headed to see how great it was. I was so excited! We got there a little before open and I was the very first person in the park that day.
12 of the 13 attractions were open. We went on all of them multiple times. My favorite was the tunnel slide on a 2 person tube. You go way faster on the 2 person tubes than you do going down alone. You can bring food and drinks into the park, so we packed a lunch and ate on one of the many picnic tables they had. We also scored some great lounge chairs that we could layout on in between rides. The weather was great for a day at the water park too. If anything the sun could have been out a little more. Getting there early was the best, there was hardly a crowd. In-fact when we left at 3pm it had just started to get packed. This allowed us to go up and down the slides so many times. We were worn out after 5 hours at the park. What a great day.


Nancy said...

It looks like a fun place ! I'm glad the two of you got a break from it all and had 5 full hours of fun in the sun !
Aunt Nancy

Gilmore-Kozlen said...

I cant wait to go!!!

Julia said...

I LOVE the picture of you alone! Seriously I can just see 5 year old Sarah in that picture. Love and I cannot wait to see you soon! Love j