Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Dress Fitting

This past Saturday I had my first fitting for my dress! It was the first time I got to see my dress too. I love it. I wish I could show you pictures of it, but that would spoil the surprise. :) And I am pretty sure the groom reads this blog(he better anyways. hehe) and I don't want him to see the dress until I am walking down the aisle. Since I can't show you my dress here is one sassy bridesmaid at the fitting.
As a surprise bonus to our trip to St Louis, I got to see my Dad! Thanks Ellen for realizing we were both going to be in town at the same time. Dad was passing through the area on his way beck from Canada to New Jersey. So on Sunday Steve, Chewie and I met him, mama and uncle pat for lunch at the Broadway Oyster Bar. They have a great patio area so we were able to bring Chewie along. It was his first experience at a bar and he loved it. He also loved getting to see everyone. I hadn't realized that I would not see my dad until the wedding, so it was really great to get this visit in with him before September. And as always it was nice to see mama and uncle pat too. :)


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

I will just tell everyone... you looked GOREGOUS in your dress!! Steve is goin to LOVE how you look!!!

Nancy said...

I love the Bridesmaid dress ! The girls will look soo pretty .. We all will cry when we see you in yours .. tears of joy of course ! Glad you got to see your dad , Mama and Pat ! Don't let Chewie get too use to the bar scene :-)
Love you
Aunt Nancy

Julia said...

That is great little suprise in the middle of summer to see your dad:) Plus the girls look great in thier dresses - great pic. I cannot wait to see yours!! Love you so much

Love j

Anonymous said...

did steve plan that budweiser sign in the background ? hehe
really it was great for you to see each other ;-)
the dresses are really pretty
love mom