Monday, June 29, 2009

Making Progress

Another weekend in town meant getting more things done for the wedding. We had directions printed off for the invitations, now we have everything we need to start addressing and sending them off. I did some minimal crafting, making pom poms with the rest of the yarn I had. We also finished getting registered. I am in the market for some shower and rehearsal dresses and I found one this weekend. My shower at Steve's parents house is Hawaiian themed and I found a great dress at Target for it. See below. But mine has a totally different print(they didn't have the right one online to show you). Mine is pink, orangish and yellow and has hibiscus flowers on it. I think it will fit the occasion very well and I can take it on the honeymoon. :)


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

Pretty Pretty!

The shower will be so fun! I can't wait!

Nancy said...

You look great in the maxi dresses .. how cool that you can take this one along on your honeymoon too ! Sounds like your getting alot done for the wedding :) Just call if I can do anything !

Anonymous said...

awww its really cute ;-) and we can't wait for the shower weekend too ! love mom

Nancy said...

Anything new ? Crafting ??