Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pom Bags

I have been thinking about what to put the pom poms in to give to guests when they enter the ceremony. Both Aunt Nancy and Mama found some cute things to give them out in, but I think I need something a little bigger. Not too big though. My initial idea was to place them in paper bags, with a cute note telling guests when to throw them. So I went out today and found some like I had been thinking of. I found all of these on Paper Mart. They seemed to have reasonable prices. These two below are what I had first pictured. They are a little tall, but could be cut down some. They also come in a variety of colors, brown and white are the best deal price wise though.

Paper Mart also had these "gourmet food bags" that I thought would be cute. They are a little pricier. And I would be concerned about the size of them also. It would be cute to get these printed up with the saying of when to throw them though. That might be more work and money than I am looking for though.


Anonymous said...

SJ - Love the idea! So cute! I wonder if you could make a cute stamp and then stamp the white bags with some purple ink.... Like one that says "Steve and Sarah (date)" It might be cute:) Plus then you would have a cute stamp too.... Love j

Nancy said...

Glad you found something that will work :)