Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Invitation Workshop

I signed up to go to a free scrapbooking bridal showcase class at Archiver’s last week. I was a little disappointed, because I went to it thinking I would be making something, along with getting lots of good ideas since it was called a class. All it turned out to be was a woman showing you the different types of paper they sell that you could use to make invitations and there were books you could flip through for ideas.

It was nice looking at a few different ideas for invitations. I have thought about the idea of making my own invites before. This “class” and a nice phone conversation with KTG (who had just finished making her own wedding invites) confirmed for me that it would be way to overwhelming to do this on my own. I don’t think the cost saved would out way the stress I would have making 250+ invites on my own. I do think though that I will make the response cards, directions and maybe save the dates on my own, these are much smaller tasks.

Mom, Dad and Ellen will be visiting us in Kansas in 3 weeks and I have a trip planned to a stationary store to look at invites and maybe pick some out. Here are a few favorite invites of mine that I saw when I attended the bridal fair with the Wilkinson’s. You probably wont be getting these in the mail though, as they are on the completely opposite cost end of making your own.

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Anonymous said...

Both of the invitations are so cute! love them - the colors are perfect plus the ribbon is just a perfect touch. Glad the family is coming there soon! Love j