Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful valentine's day yesterday. We don't get too into the whole holiday, like get each other gifts and things but we did go out to a nice dinner last night. But I will get to that in a moment. During the day we went out to the Legends to do some shopping and both Steve and I discovered that we have gone down a pants size! All of the working out and eating well is paying off. I actually had to ask the fitting room girl if the work pants I was trying on looked alright, cause I am not used to pants fitting well anymore. haha. I am excited to get to wear them tomorrow. I did not have any luck finding new tops, but I guess I can't buy everything at once. hehe.

So for dinner last night we decided to try a new place, City Tavern. It was in the historic Freight Building downtown. And it was one of the best dinning out experiences I have ever had and we eat out a lot. The food was excellent and the service was even better. They had a few mess-ups with our dinning, nothing big at all and neither Steve or I was concerned with it and they made up for it big time. We got free oysters and 2 free beers. I could go on and on about how great it was but I will spare you from having to read about it any more. :)

Oh also, Steve tried on and wore a suit he has been dying to get into for years now. It is a vintage suit he picked up when we went to San Fransisco in 2005. I am so proud of him for fitting into it. He looked super handsome. :)


Anonymous said...

you guys look so skinny!


Nancy said...

LOVE the suit ! You both look fantastic ! Glad you had a nice eve out despite the mess ups but free stuff is always good !

Holly Jett said...

You two are so hot!
Hmmmmm....who does that sound like?

Love ya!

mom said...

what a great looking couple :-) keep up the fantastic job on the diet and exercise !! love you