Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have been researching some bakeries to get our cake from. I got a few recommendations from one of the caterers and some friends. After checking out all of their sites, examples they have posted and their pricing I think we may go with the same bakery Kim and Brian used, Sarah’s CafĂ©. I have been in contact with them and I think we may send in a deposit for them soon and get our date in their books. Next time we are in St Louis we will set up a consultation with them to taste the cake and get a cake planned out. Here are two styles Steve and I like, one is more traditional then the other.


Gilmore-Kozlen said...

Whoohooo for Sarah's cafe! Be sure to plan your meeting with them around lunch or something so you can get some yummy food as well!

mom said...

i (of course) love the name of the cake baker :-) they look beautiful ... have you tasted their cake at another wedding ??

Nancy said...

i love the name of the cake place too but then i am partial to it :)
both cakes are stunning ! if they look that good they must taste that good ! thought , the simpler cake could handle ANY topper you choose :)